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FELICES · Agency is an independent communication agency specializing in design, lifestyle, creativity, and brand positioning.


Located in the heart of Barcelona and with an international outlook, we are a hub of professionals with diverse academic backgrounds, providing a broader dimension of communication to tailor each proposal to the specific needs of our clients.

Those who come to FELICES · Agency define their unique value thanks to the advisory work of our agency team.

Once identified, a unique strategy is created exclusively for each brand, establishing the necessary communication tools for brand differentiation and positioning in the market.


Felices excels in communication areas ranging from the most sober and rigorous corporate to the most creative and innovative in terms of uniqueness and image category. Bringing sensitivity and color to the corporate gray, intertwining originality and business, is one of her strengths.

Brand architecture, discourse structuring, the solidity of criteria, and a rich culture of creativity are key values with which FELICES positions products, companies, and institutions. All of this stems from experience in advertising and public relations, as well as high-end communication in lifestyle and design.

FELICES AGENCY has been in charge of major headline events both nationally and internationally, such as the New York Times T Magazine Awards, the Tendències Awards (El Mundo Catalunya), the Fuera de Serie and Expansión Awards, or the 20th-anniversary celebration of Frame Magazine.


Press Office

Once the strategy is defined and the messages to be disseminated are identified, we apply over 15 years of experience in the communication sector to garner interest from national and international media, both print and digital, for the crafted discourse. Our job is to ensure that the press, as one of the main influencers in our society, receives accurate information tailored to the needs of each platform, thereby facilitating the dissemination and publication of the content. We design and organize press conferences, handle the design and conceptualization of the press kit, manage the distribution of digital and physical press kits, and maintain a personal relationship with the directors, editors, and writers of leading national and international publications.


Media Plans

We specialize in defining the most suitable media strategy for each brand discourse, with experience in managing annual media plans for leading design firms in Spain and Europe. We know how to optimize investment in media (both print and digital), and the agreements we have secured over years of experience enable us to maximize the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. We handle international campaigns for Spanish firms through the subsidies provided by ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade).


Events Design and Production

We design experiences capable of addressing the needs outlined within a communication strategy. Through events, we enhance the relationship between the brand and its influencers and clients, fostering memorable encounters to strengthen existing relationships and create new synergies. Our team takes care of everything from start to finish, including the conceptual idea of the event, the invitation process, design and promotion, production and setup, access control and VIP management, as well as defining and managing the protocol. We add value by generating distinctive content and exclusive experiences for each event, with privileged access to the most important suppliers at both national and international levels.


Branded Content & Storytelling

It's not just about selling products or services; it's about sharing a vision, values, and emotions. At FELICES, we are passionate about constructing narratives that transcend the boundaries of the conventional and authentically connect with the audience. Are you ready to bring your brand, project, or product to life through captivating stories? In our hands, words become strokes that paint emotions, convey values, and create an immersive experience for your audience. We specialize in unraveling the essence of your brand and weaving it into a unique narrative that captures attention, fosters deep connections, and stands out in the crowd. From inspiring articles to immersive videos and social media campaigns, our creative approach adapts to each platform and channel.


Cultural Programming


At FELICES, we take pride in specializing in the creation of unique activations for hotels and institutions, adding value that goes beyond mere service provision to stand out within the industry. We are here to help unlock the hidden potential of these businesses and provide added value that attracts, excites, and leaves a lasting impression. Our team of experts in cultural programming collaborates closely with the institution to design events and activities that reflect the brand essence, bringing a cultural dimension that enhances the customer experience. With our extensive network of talented artists, creatives, and cultural professionals, we create enriching environments that foster audience loyalty and transcend the conventional.