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Creative consultancy emerges as an essential catalyst in today's business landscape, where differentiation and emotional connection are key. In an information-saturated environment, it is crucial not only to communicate messages but also to tell captivating stories that resonate with the target audience.

Creative consultancy stands out for its ability to merge strategic vision with innovation and originality, providing brands and projects with a unique competitive advantage. By adopting creative approaches, we not only create memorable campaigns but also cultivate meaningful experiences that linger in the consumer's mind, thus building strong and sustainable relationships over time. In essence, creative consultancy is not just about standing out but transforming how audiences perceive and engage with a brand, entity, or project.

FELICES · Agency brings a wealth of experience in crafting compelling storytelling for renowned national and international brands. Our expertise lies in identifying the brand's unique value, optimizing its communication to the target audience, and defining an effective communication strategy for robust brand positioning.


With a clear focus on achieving brand objectives, we deploy a diverse range of communication tools, leveraging our extensive network of providers for cutting-edge solutions. From creative concept creation to comprehensive management of online and offline communication strategies, we are dedicated to delivering memorable and impactful brand experiences.


Creative Advisory

With extensive experience in crafting storytelling for renowned national and international brands, our team will know how to find the necessary narrative to reach the target audience effectively and memorably. Detection of the brand's differential value to enhance and convey it optimally to the target audience. In this process, the space that the brand should occupy in the collective consciousness will be identified to define an effective communication strategy and lay the foundations for brand positioning.


Communication Strategy

Once the brand positioning is determined, the development of a robust communication strategy will be initiated to achieve all the objectives set during the creative consultancy phase. Within it, the necessary communication tools will be defined to meet these brand objectives. Press office? Internal communication? Social media campaign? New website? Events?... All of this will be defined with a clear goal: to achieve the intended brand positioning.


Communication Tools

At FELICES · Agency, we have a recognized national and international track record and an extensive network of providers capable of offering the most cutting-edge communication solutions. From the creation and writing of the creative concept to the management of the communication strategy both online and offline.


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