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A new meeting place where creativity and business come together

The Barcelona Press Room, located within the HQ of the international press agency FELICES, is located in the center of Barcelona, ​​a fully customizable and private space to organize business meetings, presentations, trainings, workshops, board meetings, etc. This space has been designed to encourage and enhance interaction and creativity at all levels – with the latest technology to accompany.

As an international communication and public relations agency, in addition to offering a unique and special space, we also specialize in connecting across the community, introducing the most interesting people for your project or company. Whether inviting the press to get to know your project or business, introducing new media, or even putting together a round table with key stakeholders in your sector FELICES and the Barcelona Press Room have the resources to take your project to the next level.


The interior has been designed by Elia Felices's Studio and is decorated with the likes of Nanimarquina, Santa & Cole, Sancal, and all the meeting furniture is designed by Ondarreta, a Basque Design Firm recognized in 2019 for its commitment to design by T-Magazine (New York Times), with designs by Ben van Berkel & Rafael Moneo.


Board of Directors

The board of directors at which great conclusions are reached, leading to precise  decision making. The round table encourages collaboration among participants, in a space surrounded by windows overlooking Paseo de Gracia and Plaza Cataluña, with natural light. It includes the possibility of projecting on plasma screen with Apple TV.

  • Up to 8-10 people

  • Table diameter: 1,80m

  • Table height: 0.70m

Creative meetings


High tables and stools, ideal for teamwork to encourage creativity, an active attitude and have greater freedom of movement.

  • 6-8 people sitting on high stools.

  • Table measures: 1.80 X 0.9m

  • Table height: 1m



Business & work

Large imperial table for meetings, executive board meetings, or team meetings of up to 12 people.

  • 12 people sitting.

  • Table size: 3,60x0,9m

  • Table height: 0.7m



Conferences & presentations

Our signature space opened up for presentations, trainings, conferences or assemblies. Enjoy the “wow” factor of projecting across the entire wall, accompanied by our exquisite audio equipment. The chairs are arranged in an auditorium shape. 

  • Up to 30 people sitting in chairs.


Conferences & presentations

Aia poufs are ideal for a more relaxed or informal meeting, such as coffee breaks between formal meetings. They promote proximity in dialogue.

  • 4-6 people sitting on poufs and / or a bench.

  • 2 side tables



Workshops & presentations

High table and large imperial table, ideal for workshops, presentations or demostrations meetings of up to 12 people.

  • 12 people sitting + speaker/s

  • Imperial table size: 3,60x0,9m

  • Imperial table height: 0.7m

  • High table measures: 1.80 X 0.9m

  • High table height: 1m

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