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Business meetings / Team buildings / Workshops / Trainings / Presentations / Streamings / Shootings


Take your corporate events to the next level
Centrally located to stay connected
Space 100% modular and customizable

The Bcn Press Room of Felices is located on Paseo de Gracia, presiding over Plaza Cataluña in Barcelona, opposite the Apple Store and El Corte Inglés, in a corporate space designed so that communication between people works exceptionally well. The privileged location and its private access makes it even more transcendent. The innovative environment in a recently renovated historic building creates an experience for visitors in an exceptional Barcelona setting, also for international audiences; prescribers, journalists, brand ambassadors, national or international sales forces, etc.


Fully modular to organize business meetings, corporate events, workshops, showrooms, and all communication activities both internally and for influential audiences invited by the brand, etc. Considering the importance of personal communication in the era of digital communication, it is a multipurpose space for meetings and presentations comprised of two clearly connected areas: the auditorium area and the gazebo area with views of Plaza Cataluña, Montjuic in the background and Paseo de Gracia.


The furniture is specifically arranged to make possible a space that can be adapted to the different types of meetings or private filming to communicate. The different types of seats -chairs, high stool, pouf or bench- and types of tables, heights and shapes, make the space adapt to the needs of each client according to their communication objectives and the reason they meet: more formal or more casual for teambuilding or brainstorming.


A good, direct and memorable communication between people will make everything easier.


See our dossier on meeting formats.



The Auditorium area is a diaphanous space designed for presentations, training, conferences, board meetings and brand experiences. All the furniture in the space can be moved to suit the needs of each type of event or meeting. From an open layout for a standing cocktail, to the arrangement of 25 chairs in the form of an auditorium or theater. The projection of material on the entire wall has an audio base unit. Capacity for 40 people.


A versatile space to meet all the expectations of organizers and customers. This area also serves as a film set and screening room.



Capacidad para 25 pax sentados, proyector y sistema de audio básico incluido, superficie de proyección de 4,75 x 2,70 m. Muy buena acústica, no requiere de microfonía, pero se puede contratar a parte si se requiere. Esta zona también sirve como plató y sala de proyecciones.